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Clients list.

Clients list :

Thanks a lot to these studios and developers for having trusted me in composing the soundtracks of their games :

Indonesian online games development studio.
Famous french publisher.
Bobbee Tec
Handheld developers.
Handheld developers.
Eden Games
One of the biggest french studio.
Handheld developer and publisher.
Handheld publisher.
Handheld developers.
Methods in the Madness
Independant developer and artist.
Nothing From Outer Space
Web and PC developers and artists.
Rusty Axe
Independant PC development studio.
One of the largest Dutch development studio.
Handheld developer.


Quotes :

And now some shameless propaganda. None of the following quotes were invented, nor taken out of context. All developers were freed after contribution, and none was harmed more than needed.

"I think this music sounds great. I like it. Nice job!"
- Alexandre Kral, Founder of Java Ground.

"Yes, the music is great !"
"Absolutely fabulous... You're a pro !"
- Bastiaan Van Rooden, Creative Director at Nothing from Outer Space.

"We were very satisfied with your music, so we will surely ask you again :)"
- Ronnie Nelis, Developer at Team6 Studios.

"I have to say, your stuff is amazing. You're just the talent we're looking for. I'm sure you'll be able to create some amazing samples for us, no problem."
- Matthew Doyle, CEO of Plutonium Games.

"I'll write a proper email in a bit [...] but I wanted to say "WOW! IT'S INCREDIBLE!" so you knew just how great it sounds!"
- Randy Linden, developer at Bobbee Tec.

"Thanks again for the excellent work! I ran the latest music on hardware last night and it sounds GREAT."
"I highly recommend the services of Julien Nevo... I've hired him for a couple of projects, and he's a pleasure to work with."
- Scott Lininger, developer at Methods in the Madness.

"We couldn't have asked for a better person leading our musical talent !"
- 'Wind Walker', leader of E-Prizm.


Reviews :

ATV Mudracing reviewed by CosmosGaming :
"Background music is pretty catchy, and despite basically looping throughout the game, it is very enjoyable. It also does fit the fast-paced feel of the game, which is great."

Elite Helidefender reviewed by CosmosGaming :
"Elite Helidefender has some excellent soundwork. If there’s one thing you’ll notice, it’s that Team6’s games all have excellent background music [...]. Background music in this game is more up-tempo and has a generic rock feel to it, but it will never get on your nerves. [...] it feels like some effort has truly been put into this area of the game."

50 Castles reviewed by Pocket PC Louisville :
"The music [and sound effects] are first rate!."

50 Castles reviewed by Mobile Tech Review :
"50 Castles is accompanied by upbeat pop music. The upbeat music adds even more happiness to the atmosphere provided by the graphics !"

50 Castles reviewed by CosmosGaming :
"In-game music is upbeat and catchy, and keeps you on the move as you seek to complete the level before time runs out."

50 Castles reviewed by DiyGames :
"The [sounds and] music are superb. The soundtrack is very upbeat, helping you to beat the puzzle time limit."

Battle Castles reviewed by Collider :
"The music does tend to stick itself into your brain, in exactly the same way the Super Mario Brothers music did."