Cargosoft is proud to present you its new production on Amstrad CPC:  Imperial Mahjong!


Imperial Mahjong
is a reflexion game based on the Chinese game called "Mahjong Solitaire", in which the player must make all the tiles disappear by selecting pairs that match.

The rules are very simple, and well explained within the game (press ESC to open the menu). You can also read them here.

Please do not play it on emulator if you can. The game was made for a real CPC!



The game can be freely downloaded:
  • As a HFE - ideal to use on a real CPC, using the HxC floppy disc emulator (please read the "requirements" section below).
  • As a DSK - ideal for emulator or to transfer to a real CPC. For the transfer, the best way is to use CPCDiskXP with the option "Use Dsk GAP information instead of calculate it" set to on).
You can also download the music as FLAC files, directly recorded from the hardware! Enjoy.

  • Outstanding new graphic modes:
    • EGX (Extended GraphX): displays 16 colors in 320*200 instead of 4.
    • EGX2: displays 4 colors in 640*200 instead of 2.
  • First game on CPC to have digi-drums during the whole game.
  • Sample during the loading of the game at FDC full speed.
  • Introduction music using 3-channel Sample-SIDs, in stereo.
  • More than 30 minutes of music.

  • Any Amstrad CPC (or compatible).
  • 128kb RAM.
  • A disc drive.
Note: if using a HxC emulated drive, please make sure you have the latest firmware: it will allow the full-speed loading as experienced on a real CPC.


Code & music: Julien Névo (a.k.a Targhan).
Graphics: Sylvestre Campin (a.k.a Super Sylvestre).

Thanks to Nicholas Campbell for the English translations, and Laëtitia Jéhanno for testing.


A remark, a comment? Contact us here. Don't hesitate to send us your feedback, whether you liked the game or not! Remember that feedback is vital to support future developments!