Our tools

The Arkos team has released a few tools through the years. Most of them are on CPC, but you'll find also PC programs, as we're all very fond of cross-development. Some of them will require a CPCBooster to work correctly.

Arkos Tracker 1.0
Code : Targhan
Additional Design : SuperSylvestre/Les Sucres En Morceaux.

Release date : July 2010.
Platform : Windows-based PC with .NET framework (included command line tools works with Mono, but Arkos Tracker requires .NET).


Based on the STarKos yet improving it, this tracker will allow you to use the AY at its full capabilities. You can listen to your songs on PC, but also in real-time on your CPC if it is fitted with a CPCBooster ! Every song can be then rendered to WAV or YM in a blink of an eye. On top of that, the binary songs exported to your CPC are played with the fastest (non-streamed) player ever (only 25 scanlines max on CPC, on Spectrum, max TM is 5300t, average is 2400t using the "Molusk" song !). Manuals, player sources, and plenty of demo songs are included in the package.

*NEW !* The package now includes a player which has a fixed number of cycles (CPC only)! Though slower (35 scanlines), it is ery useful when coding a highly synchronised production!

The Arkos Tracker can be used to compose for Amstad CPC, Spectrum, Pentagon 128K and MSX.

The included tools (AKStoYM, STKtoAKS and AKStoBIN) can work on any OS with Mono installed.

Click on the image to download, and check out its dedicated website.

STarKos 1.21
Code, Design : Targhan

Release date : June 2009.
Platform : CPC Old, 128k. Compatible CPC+, Emulators


The ultimate CPC Soundtracker is back ! Tons of improvements and new features, and all the known bugs are now removed.

For more info and help, or to download STarKos, go to its dedicated website.

Arkos ROM Pack 1.1
Code : Targhan, Grim. CRTC Test by Offset (Futurs)

Release date : March 2006. Manual in English and French.
Platform : CPC.

A wonderful pack of 2 ROMs, that will become the users' best friend ! Along with the CPC Booster extension by Antitec/Dirty Minds, and a little PC program (compatible with any Windows version), you'll be able to transfer any file and DSK from a PC, and the opposite ! The roms remain very useful if you don't have the CPCBooster anyway. Have a look at the features :

- SNArkos 1.4 : Transfer a SNA file from PC to the CPC memory through the CPC Booster ! A dream for cross-developers !
- WriteDSK 1.2 : Allows to transfer a DSK from a 720k MS DOS disc to the CPC, or directly from the PC with the CPCBooster.
- ReadDSK 1.0 : Generates a DSK of the current CPC disc to the PC.
- GetFile / SendFile : Send any file, binary, basic or ascii, between the PC and the CPC !
- SetBoot : Defines a file as 'boot'. Once done, a simple CAT (+Shift) on your disc and the file will run automatically !
- Includes a CRTC Test at boot.

... and a lot of other very cool RSXs for a more conformable use of your CPC.

Also includes executables of WriteDSK and ReadDSK if you don't have a Ramcard. Don't hesitate anymore, download it ! Manuals are included.


FDC Tools
Code : Targhan

Release date : May 2005.
Platform : CPC.

FDC Tools is composed of 2 projects : with ReadAmsdos you'll be able to read AMSDOS files without using System vectors or ROM routines. What's more, Disk Writter & ReadSectors allow you to write any file using a 210k format (the same as DemoIzArt !). Of course, sources are given for you to read them in your own productions. How lucky you are.

WriteDSK 1.1
Code : Targhan

Release date : March 2005.
Platform : CPC.

This tool allows you to transfer on CPC any DSK that you have copied on a 720' PC-DOS format disc. Just insert your PC disc in the 3'5 drive of your CPC, and let it work for you ! Support most CPC format (size 0-5), Standard and Extended DSK. The V1.1 is much more powerful, can transfer a lot of protected DSKs, has a whole new interface, and a few bug corrections. This version still doesn't manage the CPCBooster from Antitec/Dirty Minds, but it will soon be done. Notice (in French and English) is included, the tool exists in ROM and Binary program.


CPC Tools 0.1.0
Code : Ramlaid

Release date : November 2004.
Platform : PC.

This package contains some few tools that I (Ramlaid) created during my CPC development under a Win32 environement. It includes general tools like a File Manager or an Image Viewer and purely developement tools like Dams converter, Data Linker or Snapshot Creator.
All these tools are command line oriented. This is a Windows version but it might compile under Linux, DOS & maybe other platform. Unfortunatly, I haven't time to do these ports. Any help would be appreciate !

For more info and help, go to the Ramlaid website, in both english and french.

STarKos 1.1
Code, Design : Targhan

Release date : March 2004. English AND French. 2 Sides.
Platform : CPC Old, 128k. Compatible CPC+, Emulators


Here's the ultimate CPC Soundtracker ! STarKos 1.0 was already fully functional, but STarKos 1.1 has a lot of improvments to make composition easier. Also, a few bugs were removed.
On the first disc you'll find the tool itself, various demosongs, as well as the players to use your songs in your basic or assembler productions ! The second disc contains english AND french notices, as well as some ready-to-use sound effects ! STarKos replaces all its opponents, like the BSC's Sountrakker and the AMC. The interface is clean, fast, easy to use, and the possibilities are... unlimited ! You can modify every PSG register per VBL ! We really hope you'll enjoy this tool. Once again, we're waiting for every comment, remark... and new songs !!

For more info and help, or to download STarKos, go to it's dedicated website.

Code, Design : Targhan

Release date : 1999. English. Platform : CPC Old, 128k. Compatible CPC+, Emulators


A little tool to create big rasters. I needed it for my Big'o'Full'o'Dem'o, so I decided to make a tool that would be useful to all. All is very clean, you can copy, fill, delete part of the rasters. Very handy.

Tools 96
Code, Design : Epsilon

Release date : 1996. English. Platform : CPC Old, 128k. Compatible CPC+, Emulators


It's a pack that contains a lot of Epsilon's tools. A lot of them are really useful and simple to use. Don't hesitate to use them !

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