Our Group

Arkos was founded in mid-90's by Targhan and Orphee. It's a demogroup on the now small CPC demoscene.

We support the CPC by releasing demos, games, discmag, tools (on CPC and PC). We're avid cross-developpers.

Actual Members list

Targhan : Coder, Musician.
Ramlaid : Coder.
Grim : Coder, Graphist, Troll.

Wall of Fame

Some people joined, and left us throughout the years :

Orphee : Coder. All began with him, after I (Targhan) convinced him to stay on CPC instead of loosing his time on Atari ST where he was beginning to code in assembler. Together we did all the Demoniak issues, and a few demos. He progressively lost interest after Demoniak 6, and never managed to finish anything after. So now he's fired. Yep :).

Rainbird : Coder, Graphist. One of our best friend at this time ! We made a lot of productions together, especially the Demoniak issues. Sadly, he lost interest in the CPC, and we competely lost contact in 2003, and for a long time.

Starman : Coder. To be honest we didn't know him a lot, but he was motivated and had original ideas. The only production he did was the Dangerous demo, downloadable in the Demos section. He left the CPC scene soon after.

Epsilon : Coder, Musician, Graphist. This guy was a very well known figure on CPC. He was very productive, and had simple yet very effective ideas. Even though he left the CPC, we're still in contact with him. 

How to contact us ?


server : irc.neoxys.org
port : 6667
chan : #cpc

eMail :

Take our nickname then add "@cpcscene.com" to get our email address.

©1991-2005 Arkos, CPC scene leading group! :)