CPC demoscene
All these sites are related to the CPC demoscene.


Lots of interesting stuff in there (tools, games, demos, ...)

CPC Rulez

You will find here a huge collection of articles from discmags/papermags/mags, tools, demos, cracked games and many more.

Dirty Minds

A greek demogroup. They made some cool demos (A Step Beyond) and hardware extension (The CPCBooster that we are using in our tools).

Julien Nevo

A french guzgun musician... nothing else :)

Kangaroo Musique

Famous musician on CPC, he did a lot of chiptunes with the (now old and obsolete :) soundtrakker by BSC. You can download all of them and more on this webpage.

Nul Part System

It's a cracking (& demo) group on CPC. You will find here all of the games, demos or tools they cracked (and sometime debugged !) and trained, available as files (no DSK).


A great CPC coder who released many innovative effects on CPC. It's also the man who did the awesome game MegaBlaster ! You really should have a look at his webpages.


A small CPC demogroup without poilz.


The Prodatron homepage. He left the scene some years ago but he is back with a new project, SymbOS ! A new OS for the CPC. You will find all his demoscene prods and SymbOS information on his webpage.


It's his homepage with all the prod he did on CPC, cross-dev tools, article about 3D, ... You won't be annoyed by heavy gif or flash things. It's a coder's webpage, it's optimized :)


The ultimate tracker available for CPC ! Do no waste any more time ! Just get it ! :)

Unofficial Amstrad WWW Resource

Not really demoscene oriented but it's a very useful site if you are looking for technical information about the CPC (on many subjects).



CPC Portals
Most of them are more dedicated to the retro-freaks and gamers scenes. Do not expect much demoscene things on them.

French Mailling list

You can still post in english, there will be someone to translate it.


The new Deutch CPC portal.


CPC portal of the UK CPC users. Very active forum.


The lip6 frontend with a frequently updated news page (about CPC, and others Amstrad products)

Phenix Informatique

French CPC portal. Very active forum.

Amstrad Today

An excellent website in french about discovering, rediscovering, setting up your CPC, and building useful interfaces to ease its handling...



CPC Games
There are some really great sites with almost all of the CPC games ever published ! If you want to play Bombjack, Barbarian, Arkanoïd... check them out !

CPC Game Review.

If you are looking for CPC games, it's the best place to go.



CPC emulators
There are many CPC emulators available but very few of them can emulate, at least, "well" CPC demos.


The most powerful and accurate CPC (all models) emulator available. Also feature a built in assembler/debugger very handy to quickly code anything.


It's a quite new CPC emulator. Most demos do not run on it yet but it's very promising. Also features an integrated assembler/debugger (more powerful than WinApe imo). And it's development is still active.



Here are some demoscene sites (not specific to the CPC demoscene) worth visiting.


The main demoscene portal. The place to go if you are looking for demos on any system at the same place !


A site dedicated to 256 bytes demos ! There're some very impressive ones (mostly for windows system).



There's not only CPC in life. There's internet ! And you can find some really funny things on it :)

Le site de Joël Very

It's a french musician "qui en a". Not much to say here, better go on his site. Have fun !

Belinda Bedekovic

You never heard of Synth Polka ? Neither did we ! Download the video and learn about the wonders of life.




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