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Demoniak is a very well known discmag on CPC. We released 7 issues.

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Demoniak 8

Even though Demoniak 8 has been started, it will never be released. But don't cry, all the non-obsolete articles will be published on cpcscene, so nothing went to waste (except the obsolete articles. Yes, they were quite a few).

Demoniak 7
Release date : April 2000. English AND French. 2 sides.

Demoniak 6 was a dissapointment for me. I didn't write as many texts as I wanted, I wasn't satisfied of the overall feedback (the discmag was badly spread), and the Arkos team was falling apart. Orphee was studying in Ireland, and Rainbird was in the US... So I took the reins of Arkos, and decided to code another Demoniak, with a new interface, and full of (crunched:) texts. Even though I wrote most of them, Orphee did some too, as well as some guests. As we couldn't get contact with Rainbird, he simply didn't appear in the issue. Its success was very pleasant. The best articles are the ones talking about the 'scene', and most notably the ones that criticize it :). All was made for us to produce Demoniak issues very quickly, but for some reasons it didn't happen. Demoniak 7 remains the best issue up to date.

Demoniak 6
Release date : October 1998. English AND French. 2 sides.

Demoniak 6 marked a major change : no more demo-parts ! We decided to use a single interface for all the texts, like discmags on PC. It allowed us to concentrate on writing texts. The interface was coded by Orphee, but he really lacked time, so it was a bit buggy, recoded three times, not as good as it could have been. It remains a very nice issue, thanks to the quality and quantity of the texts. Even though the first release was made on 2 discs, Chany (a well known french Cracker) released a version in one disc only ! He did this miracle simply by... compacting the texts ! The version you can download is his. Thanks a lot Chany !

Demoniak 5
Release date : 1996. FRENCH ONLY. 2 sides.

Demoniak 5 uses the same principle as Demoniak 4 : each part is some kind of a demo. Each one is a challenge to code, we always had to find new ideas, and at the end we got a bit bored by this. It prevented us to do what Demoniak needed us to : write texts ! Also, we all began to lack time. It's a very good issue, with a lot of cool technics and numerous texts, but it was a pain to create.

Demoniak 4
Release date : September 1994. FRENCH ONLY. 2 sides.

Demoniak 4 was a major step for us, even more than the third issue. Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, was done in assembler. There's not a single line in Basic ! With Demoniak 4, Arkos, the 'demos' section, was born. The three of us had learnt assembler and were making quick progress. We became quite respected with this issue :).

Demoniak 3
Release date : August 1993. FRENCH ONLY. 2 sides.

Ahh, Demoniak 3. The 'real' beginning. We began to get famous thanks to this one. Even though all is still coded in Basic, it's a very clean discmag, with nice transitions and interesting texts. Demoniak 3 really broke us to the scene, and I have very fond memory of this issue. Rainbird became also a very active member of Demoniak, and the overall quality was thus boosted.

Demoniak 2
Release date : 1993. FRENCH ONLY. 4 sides.

As we felt 360kb was a bit too tight, we decided to use 2 discs for this one. What seemed to be a good idea was in fact a mistake. There's a lot of filling in here, yet there's improvment and it's still very uplifting to watch this discmag after all these years ! This release is working perfectly ! I've manage to find the original 3' discs and cautiously made a copy on 3'5... It's good to know that our issues are all finally available !

Demoniak 1
Release date : 1992. FRENCH ONLY. 2 sides.

This issue is quite basic, but for a first issue, I think it's quite good. Of course we were young so we said a lot of childish and stupid things, but oh well, it's fun to read.

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